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Our On-Site Catering has us come to your event, office, church, house party or any other gathering and set up our Donut equipment and prepare and serve Hot & Fresh Mini Donuts for the guests you have. Whether you have 40 or 400 guests we can serve them all.

We offer a variety of flavors for the guests such as Cinnamon Sugar, Salted Caramel & Apple Cider. Each flavor can be picked on the spot from each guest. 


  • 1 week notice

  • Minimum $450 per event (this includes up to 100 half dozen bags) 

  • Max time starts at 2 hours.


From 50 people to 5000 people we can cater your next event!

Weddings, Office Parties, Business Parties, Employee appreciation nights and so many other occasions we would be more than happy to be your next caterer. 

Choose from our variety of Catering Exclusive Flavors and make the event stand out! 


  • 1 week Catering Notice

  • Minimum 100 Mini Donuts

Coming Soon
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