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Instore & Person to Person

Instore Event:

Call your friends, your family & Invite them to our store front for an Instore Fundraising Night! 

With 20 different Mini Donut Flavors and a variety of Ice Cream styles, the combinations can be endless.

We book Instore Events exclusively on Tuesday Nights with a time frame of 4pm-9pm

We fundraise with multiple percentage brackets to incentivize you to get more and more people to come out for the night! All Payouts are done Via Check at the end of the night.

$0-$1000: 10% to Organization
$1001 - $2000: 15% to Organization
$2001-$3000: 20% to Organization

Person to Person:

Its the Original Fundraiser! Call your friends, visit your neighbors, make the parents sell them at work! 

The person to person boxes are a 12 Count Donut Box with a pre made Variety pack of Birthday Cake, Oreo, Cinnamon Roll & Chocolate Iced.

Our boxes are $12 each. 

Time Frame: 30 Days of selling
Earnings: $2 Per box on up to 500 Boxes, $3 Per box After
Delivery: A scheduled date will need to be made, we will drop off the boxes then for you to distribute.
Payment: All payments are collected from the organizer & we bill you for the product. *Payment must be made no later than 24 Hours before Delivery* 

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