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Instore & Person to Person

Bring Our Food Truck

Indulge your taste buds and support a worthy cause with our Mini Donut Food Truck at your next fundraising event! Picture a delightful spread of freshly made mini donuts, each bite bursting with flavor and warmth. But that's not all – our truck also offers refreshing snow cones and zesty lemonade, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Whether it's a school fundraiser, community gathering, or charity event, our Mini Donut Food Truck brings smiles and satisfaction while helping raise funds for your cause. With each purchase, patrons not only satisfy their sweet cravings but also contribute to making a difference.


Let the enticing aroma of Mini Donuts and the joy of giving back elevate your event to new heights!


$0-$1000: 10% to Organization
$1001 - $2000: 15% to Organization
$2001-$3000: 20% to Organization

Person to Person:

Its the Original Fundraiser! Call your friends, visit your neighbors, make the parents sell them at work! 

The person to person boxes are a 12 Count Donut Box with a pre made Variety pack of Birthday Cake, Oreo, Cinnamon Roll & Chocolate Iced.

Our boxes are $12 each. 

Time Frame: 30 Days of selling
Earnings: $2 Per box on up to 500 Boxes, $3 Per box After
Delivery: A scheduled date will need to be made, we will drop off the boxes then for you to distribute.
Payment: All payments are collected from the organizer & we bill you for the product. *Payment must be made no later than 24 Hours before Delivery* 

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